The Hunted

by Wayne Barcomb, published April, 2009
Naples Florida Weekly Review
A lightning-fast police procedural, The Hunted introduces a homicide detective who gets the shock of his life while tracking a most ingenious serial killer.

The Hunted begins with a little girl witnessing a horrible crime. Due to the child’s testimony, the murderer is convicted. Eighteen years later the killer is released on parole, and his mission is to track down the now-grown woman he feels betrayed him. A deranged dance of masked identities ensues, and it is up to newly single homicide detective Frank Russo to unravel the case.

What the Critics Say

“A superbly plotted exercise in suspense.” John Lutz, author of Night Kills

“[Barcomb] can keep a story going so fast that you wish it were longer.” Stuart M. Kaminsky, author of Always Say Goodbye

“Left me on the edge of my seat from page one.” David Hagberg, USA Today best selling author

“Like Harlan Coben and Dennis Lehane, Barcomb stitches a tragically taut connection between present and past. A major suspense novel.” Jon Land, author of The Last Prophecy and The Seven Sins
Review by Margaret Marr

"...the warp speed of Barcomb's storytelling will keep you turning pages..."   KIRKUS REVIEWS

"A compelling thriller with a very satisfying conclusion."   BOOKLIST

"Barcomb's police procedural introduces a likable new series detective..."   LIBRARY JOURNAL
The Hunted by Wayne Barcomb    St. Martin's Minotaur Books       ISBN-13: 978-0-312-37075-6
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