Tibbets Family
Anti-Slavery History
Ohio River, One Barrier to Freedom

Dr. Samuel Tibbets was a cofounder and trustee of the Eleutherian College in Lancaster, Indiana, which was one of the earliest educational opportunities for women and African-Americans before the Civil War.  He was an abolitionist and president of Neil's Creek Anti-Slavery Society, 1839-1845. His son, John Henry Tibbets, was an Underground Railroad conductor. John's document, "The Reminiscences of Slavery Times", is a rare first hand account of his adventures. The Tibbets family brought their underground railroad methods from Clermont County, Ohio, where they cofounded the abolitionist Lindale Baptist Church.

Read "The Reminiscences of Slavery Times"
first hand account by a conductor on the underground railroad
Short History of John and Sarah Tibbets
from the Eleutherian "College Hill Gazette"

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The Story of the Tibbets and Coombs Migration from Maine to Cincinnati in 1811
Resolve Against Fugitive Slave Act displayed in the Eleutherian College

Dedication of John and Sarah Tibbets, Sept 2006 a historical marker is dedicated in Lancaster, IN

Photos from Eleutherian College Commemoration, June 2004
On June 19, 2004, a historical marker was dedicated at the College commemorating its role in the antislavery movement. Here are photos from that day, including anti-slavery related locations in Madison and Lancaster, Indiana, and Cincinatti, Lindale, New Richmond and the Rankin house in Ohio.

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